There were two angels who I had an amazing threesome with, and because we are all extremely busy and sexy people, we haven’t had another tryst since. Real Threesome Dating Near You In the meantime, we have had individual rendezvous connections between us, and they have continued being magical experiences. One of them has enjoyed more time with me than the other, and that’s not because of preference or lack of connection, but the roll of the dice of circumstance. Both relationships continue to be meaningful and precious to me, and I feel it has been the same for my presence in both their lives as well. C’est magique! But something recently happened, and it had an impact on us all. I was at a Pride event having a supreme blast and joyful experience, and went to look for a certain friend who I was attracted to. Lo and behold, I saw BOTH of these angelic lovers of mine from a special particular time, and it was the first time since THE FIRST TIME that we were all together. It was a surprise that wasn’t planned, so there was no emotional or verbal boundaries or preparation that was made by anybody. For better and for worse, as destiny would teach us. I love both of these women but time hasn’t allowed me to love both of them equally, and there was a moment where I could feel that reality manifest emotionally between us. I was so very happy at one point that we all grabbed each other, and held each other close in a huge group hug. Someone said, “Mmm, that feels good.” Someday soon, we shall feel that good again, in a more private setting. It was a heart-expanding experience to see them both together at the same time for the first time in a long time, after some things had changed and others didn’t. Ah, life and love. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Love, Addi Stewart.

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